Weekend Report

This weekend I:

  • attended a public PhD défense and subsequent party at the EPFL
  • took a Saturday morning wander around Lausanne – this is one Swiss city I could actually like: with its crazy hills and soaring bridges, Saturday morning vegetable market bringing crowds into the old town centre, lots of nice fun little shops and views of Lake Geneva, it’s really the San Francisco of Switzerland
  • got very distracted in a really nice comics shop – all the comics were in French but I got a little “Destination Moon” Tintin model and a weird comic book-inspired guide to Rome from Lonely Planet as a present
  • tasted some very nice local beer on the streets and bought a few bottles for afterwards
  • went to see “Toy Story 3”, in Geneva, in 2D and a small screen but – crucially – without any intermission; nothing less than a masterpiece
  • visited Yvoire, a popular little village in France just across the lake from Geneva, and marvelled at how the shops were open, service was even worse than in Switzerland, ate some nice ice cream and caused much amusement at a hat store trying to find anything at all that fitted me – Irish people have apparently not evolved heads suitable for hats (are 64cm hats even possible?)
  • sat on a lot of trains