Indistinct chatter since 2006

Hello! I'm Trevor. I make software professionally (~15 years) and for fun (quite a bit longer).

I spent most of my career at Google: If you've ever needed help changing your Gmail password or searched for hotels on Google Maps, you've used my work. I also spent several years at Jigsaw building Outline, a self-hosted VPN.

Once upon a time, I launched a project on Google Labs: City Tours. In Miami for a couple of days and don't know where to start? City Tours applied the Travelling Salesman Problem to the most popular attractions on Google Maps and made you a walking tour, taking into account opening times.

That was the most fun I had at Google and one reason I left Google in 2019 was to find out what else I could dream up. Second Edition is my first effort: it makes beautiful long-form articles from your Instagram posts - the technology behind it powers many of the blog posts on this site.

I remain open to opportunities: I'm particularly interested in anything around climate change but will consider anything that doesn't obviously make the world a worse place. More of my past work on LinkedIn.

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