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Street Performance World Championship
August 05, 2006

Normally Merrion Square is quiet; quiet, that is, for the city's second largest square which is only five minutes walk from Stephen's Green. Maybe the green hogs all the visitors - it has got a lake, after all.

So it was great to see Bishop Ryan Park jammers owing to the first "Street Performance World Championship". "World" might be dubious if meant from an administrative point of view (like "world cup") but was reflective enough of the entertainers, who hailed from Australia, Canada, Europe and the US.

The first performer I encountered was Space Cowboy, whose show I dropped in on at the half-way point. I can't have missed much, though, because he was just starting to sword swallow when I arrived. The picture below shows this but doesn't convey the personality needed to keep the large group pictured entertained. Wonderful stuff!

IMG 2535

The conclusion was juggling three knives on a 3m high unicycle whilst blindfolded. You know, the usual street theatre stuff.

Greg Frisbee was on shortly afterwards. Nothing so death defying as the first act, but funny. And tying a tie with one hand is a useful skill, I think.

IMG 2551

As I said, it's rare to see Bishop Ryan Park so busy. It's not really a residential area and so tends to be quiet on the weekends, so this festival is really welcome.

IMG 2548

A great way to waste a few hours.

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