Furniture Shopping in Zurich Without a Car

Unfurnished apartment living is a new world for a Dubliner newly arrived in Switzerland: while you avoid the possibility of inheriting a hideous couch, you had better find your own couch fast (and consider how it will look in your next apartment and how easy it will be to move). I spent a little time investigating the furniture shops around Zurich and found a pretty good cluster of shops in Dubendorf, easily accessible by public transport.

These are all served well by the Dubendorf local transit. To begin, take the S3, S9 or S11 (or #7 tram) from Zurich Hauptbahnhof out to Bahnhof Stettbach. After that, we’re on the 787 bus – the furniture bus!:

  • At the first stop, Ringstrasse, you’ll find something called “Wohnland”, which has Toptip, Pfister and Mobitare all right beside one another. A couple of minutes walk away is Interio.
  • A couple of stops later at Altriet you’ll find Schubiger Mobel (the #9 tram stops here, too).
  • Next stop, Zentrum Glatt, has Conforama.
  • Finally, after a few more stops on the 787, you’ll find IKEA at Industriestrasses.

The 787 runs every 15 minutes and all these shops open until 8pm during the week and 6pm on Saturdays (IKEA 9pm and 8pm, respectively) so it’s pretty easy to shop around here.
View Furniture Shops: Dubendorf in a larger map

For what they’re worth, I have the following mini-reviews to offer:

  • Pfister
    Nice shop with some good quality stuff starting at affordable prices. Good service and I bought a bed (and some nice bed clothes) here and delivery was pretty quick.
  • Mobitare
    I didn’t spend much time here; seemed less affordable than Pfister.
  • Interio
    Good quality stuff, cheaper than Pfister – like Habitat back home. I bought cutlery here.
  • Schubiger Mobel
    Great selection if you have a ton of money to spend and want furniture to last several lifetimes. A lovely shop, though, worth seeing.
  • Conforama
    A slightly more upmarket version of IKEA, though cheaper for many things. Good selection of couches at decent prices. I bought a kitchen table with chairs and a coffee table here and though delivery was slightly pricey it arrived within a few days and included assembly. They also sell electronics.
  • Toptip
    Similar to Conforama but perhaps more expensive; I saw one couch here I really liked for a better price than Conforama and bought it.
  • IKEA
    This IKEA has the honour of being the very first branch ever setup outside of Sweden (not incidentally, IKEA’s owner is Switzerland’s richest resident). I don’t like much IKEA stuff apart from Expedit shelves but also bought a mattress here: delivery with the wahrentaxi was a disaster and expensive.

Also worth considering around Zurich is Micasa, Migros’ furniture department, although it’s more awkward to reach by public transport than any of the above, and the second-hand stores dotted around the city.