Summer is Here

The time has just sprung forward for the summer and with it comes the sole benefit of living so far up in the northern hemisphere:  a beautiful long sunny evening, hopefully the first of many.


Dún Laoghaire is a great post-work option – twenty minutes on the DART through the heart of the city’s leafy suburbs leads to a sudden at Dublin’s greatest secret, the seaside. I get off at Seapoint station, travel very briefly down Seapoint Avenue before crossing the tracks over to Brighton Vale. From there, it’s coast all the way until Dún Laoghaire village and the famous piers.

Crossing the tracks over the narrow little bridge I always think, for some reason, of the squad of christian brothers crossing over the bridge in Portrait of the Artist. Tonight I’m nowhere near Dollymount but this is clearly related to other musings. The bridge crossed, I follow the coastal path and admire the views of Poolbeg, pass the Martello tower and eventually merge with the steady stream of walkers along the length of the east pier. A lone banjo strums at the tip for the small band of paused walkers and I pause, too, savouring the atmosphere here at the end of the world before heading back and pausing again, this time for a heady pint of the black stuff (well, actually, a Go’ Burger) in the village, and catching the DART back to town.