Coit Tower

It was built in the 1930s atop a former telegraph tower courtesy of an endowment of a Ms. Coit, who simply wished her fortune to be used to increase the beauty of San Francisco. Whoever carried out her wishes did a wonderful job: Coit Tower can be seen wherever you go in San Francisco, a simple but elegant landmark in white stone.

I walked from my hotel straight up Battery Street to the tower. It was unusually easy going…perhaps I was somehow magically avoiding the inevitable hill? I’ve defied the laws of physics before…


Some chance. By avoiding the steep but manageable climb, I’ve run up against a sheer cliff face. It’s a fun 350 steps or so all the way up. I’m not the only one out of breath.




Outside, the tower is fairly ordinary. Inside, however, the walls sport a famous series of murals.



A quaint old world lift whisks groups of ten to the top where the following views await – Bay Bridge, downtown, Pacific Heights, even Golden Gate if it wasn’t so bloody foggy all the time.