Return to San Francisco

Well…after yesterday’s “excitement”, I wasn’t even sure whether to venture up to San Francisco. However, the hotel was booked and the city’s only an hour away. Should worse come to worst and I get sick again I can just lie down in a nice air-conditioned hotel room for a few hours. Either way, it’ll be more fun than Mountain View. Off I go.

The Caltrain connects downtown San Francisco with San Jose and the many towns inbetween, including Mountain View. Several “express” services at morning and evening rush hour take 45 minutes between San Francisco and Mountain View while most services take 60 minutes.


I guess by American standards this is pretty good – really I’m lucky there’s a service at all – but on weekends the time between Mountain View and the city is an astounding 75 minutes. Bear in mind it’s only 35 miles!

Anyway, I arrive in San Francisco at 11.30 and instantly am glad I came. I’ve wanted to return here for years, ever since spending just a single day seeing Alcatraz and visiting a record store while touring California. Even that was enough to know I liked the city. This time, I’m staying downtown near the Embarcadero. MOMA is top of my list of things to see and do and is only a few blocks away. Off I set, gazing upwards and snapping everything in sight.