Off to California

It’s off to California tomorrow for a few weeks for some much-needed training.

From a geek perspective, it’s very exciting: the delights of the Googleplex are legendary, from the canteens through espresso machines through courtesy buses to the more notable employees (who amongst them have invented Python, Apache and the internet).

From a traveller’s perspective, it’s also very promising. I spent one day in San Francisco a few years ago and have always wanted to return. Although I’ll be based in Mountain View, some 35 miles to the south-east, the two are reasonably well connected by American standards so I suspect I’ll be spending more than one weekend in the big city.

Six weeks is quite a long time to be away from the comforts of home but considering that it’s all expenses paid (and then some), that I’ll be very busy and that the destination is sunny California, I think the time will fly.

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