Onoma Koen Quasi National Park

It was such a beautiful day (again – after two weeks of rain, rain, rain) that I postponed the tour of Sapporo brewery for another day in favour of exploring Onoma Koen Quasi National Park.

The park lies just 20km north of Hakodate on the Hakodate-Sapporo line and, on a suitably clear day, affords magnificent views of the dormant volcano of Komagatake.

Lake Onuma contains hundreds of islands, many of them linked together with bridges. A map from the tourist office shows the walking route, which you can easily cover in a couple of hours; I took my time to photograph everything, get a little bit lost and even sample some of the Onuma Craft Brewery’s wares.

But, before that, amateur photographer heaven: blue sky, water and a volcano. It might not like subtle dusk views of Kyoto, but by god even my trusty Ixus 50 can photograph a volcano in broad daylight:





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