Yodobashi Camera

My trusty Canon Ixus 50 (over 7000 pictures taken!) was due an upgrade; between running out of memory yesterday at the aquarium and running out of power at the sky observatory, it was old. Antiquated. The two year-old lithium-oxide battery oxidised to %^&*.

Yodobashi Camera – the largest in Osaka – was just around the corner. It was clearly a sign…must be all those temples earlier in the day.

Inside is stereotypical Japanese crazy-hyper-store: pink and yellow signs with funny little squiggles all over (not to denigrate the alphabet of over a billion people or anything), noise and absolutely everything you could imagine remotely related to photography, computers and watches from travel suitcases through travel adaptors through picture frames, SLRs, compacts, tripods and Swiss watches.

I think the only electronic product on earth which they didn’t have in stock right there and then was a brand-new long-life 9-cell replacement lithium-ion battery for a Thinkpad T41. Now that would really have been impressive…maybe in Tokyo…

Anyway, I showed my Canon camera and asked “do you have a battery for this?” and 30 seconds later was looking at one, priced at only €30. So I also took a brand new 2GB high-speed SD memory card for just slightly more yen. That was probably enough…the latest Canon compacts started to look very tempting.

Japan – bring on your sights, I can photograph them all now!

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