The Chrysler Building

You’ve 90 minutes in mid-town New York – what do you do?

We went to the lobby of the Chrysler Building. It has an interesting history this building, tied in with the Woolworth Building, at the other end of the city. They were both constructed at around the same time (1929 or so) under some amount of secrecy: the exact heights were kept secret, but eventually it became clear that the Woolworth Building was slightly higher. However, on the last day Chrysler hoisted the famous aluminimum tip from out of the roof (legend has it Woolworth had once refused Chrysler a loan) and made the Chrysler Building the tallest in the world.

This distinction was short-lived, however: the following year some now-forgotten insurance company built their own tower, making the other two look a bit silly.

However, it’s still one of the tallest buildings in the city and its lobby remains something of a masterpiece, open (unlike the Woolworth, which I’m proud to say we got thrown out of – although the glimpse we caught was truly spectacular) to the public.