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Ugliest view in Zurich? Not so!
January 17, 2022

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A few recent welcome sunny days in Zurich.

This view is from the Negrellisteg, a foot and cycle bridge connecting the land either side of the tracks leading into Zurich’s main station.

In recent years a pile of commercial, residential, and (a few) not-for-profit buildings have sprung up along the banks of the tracks, along with a bunch of car-free public space.

It’s prime land in the heart of the kind of infrastructure that most cities can only dream of; no wonder this bridge is perpetually busy.

Early during our time in the city we overheard a guy describing this view, somewhat sheepishly, to what seemed like his date as: "...and here's the ugliest view in all of Zurich!"

Excuse that pole in the foreground of my effort here, but I very much disagree.

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