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Exploring Paris in a pandemic.
December 07, 2021

Five nights in Paris:

  • Patchy COVID certificate checks on the TGV.

    Everyone with masks.

    No luggage space.

  • Back in the big city: budget more time to get anywhere, random late-night spicy noodles.

  • Excellent exhibitions.

    Extremely crowded.

  • One fantastic cocktail bar.

    Not a single French speaker in the line.

  • 10,000 steps each day.

  • Wonderful “I’m feeling lucky” museum choice.

    All about recorded sound: people will basically do anything to listen to their music.

  • Fewer pedestrianised areas than expected.

    Drivers appropriately afraid of those on foot.

  • Mostly rain.

    Stick to the cameraphone.

  • No hope of booking a hot restaurant for dinner.

    Excellent lunches.

    Revisit one fondly-remembered spot from our first trip together.

    Groan at “influencers”.

  • Walk for hours along the Seine on reclaimed highway.

  • See friends again, meet new arrivals.

Europe on the crest of a clear fourth wave as we arrived; Omicron breaks; stay at home for the next while.

Guess I still enjoy travelling, though.

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