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Exploring Zurich's Oberer Letten area.
November 24, 2021

One more autumn-in-the-city picture, this time with the big-boy camera.

This is the River Limmat, looking west from the tip of Platzspitz (the park behind the National Museum, itself just opposite the main station) towards the old Letten Hydroelectric Power Plant.

Though I was a regular this summer,

I didn't come here much my first time in Zurich.

The city makes it real easy to get to the lake; Oberer Letten, on the other hand, perhaps suffered from its central location: for a while - until the mid-1990s - this was a hub of the city's drug scene, and for a century or so the north bank of the Limmat here sported a railway line, now moved underground.

Still one mostly for locals, I think, but today this stretch of the Limmat offers a variety of lakeside bars and restaurants, swimming areas, performance venues, and sports clubs.

Once outside the city centre, it's the start of the Kloster-Fahr-Weg hiking trail: if you like, follow the Limmat all the way to Baden.

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