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Revisiting fond memories of Switzerland.
July 24, 2020

Another panorama rescued from the archives by recent Lightroom developments, this time with a lot more edges to fill.

Originally, I discarded this in favour of a single slightly-wider-angle-than-the-other-shots shot because the edges curved so drastically that that big blue sky all but disappeared.

These days, however, I was able to successfully add the wider-angle shot to the "pot" and although it initially results in an odd "+" shape, "fill edges" more-or-less breezes through those large swathes of should-be sky, allowing me preserve the surrounding landscape and taking me back to that mountaintop again.

And...a "+" may be apt because this was taken in Switzerland: I forget which exact peak this is but it's near Zermatt - home of the Matterhorn - at the height of summer when a bunch of us took the train down from Zurich to ski in the morning and gorge on fondue at night.

That's a great memory from my time in Switzerland and although I remember generally not enjoying it very much at the time - keen to get to the next big thing, admittedly it worked out pretty well, see previous post, etc. - as I've been rummaging through the archives I've been pleasantly surprised to discover that almost every month I lived in Switzerland saw at least one trip that I still look back on fondly.

It's been good to revisit those days a little more objectively thanks to the photo diary - in future, I'll try to factor that in when I look back on those days.

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