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The longest trip of the summer was three
November 05, 2019

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The longest trip of the summer was three weeks in Europe, anchored around a traditional Irish music festival taking place near where I grew up: the Fleadh Ceoil, in Drogheda.

The Fleadh relocates every two years; having missed it last year, I was determined not to miss my last chance to see one of the biggest events ever likely to happen in Drogheda.

It was worth the visit: streets (finally!) closed to traffic, open to people, and dotted with buskers (mostly kids, with tiny violins); street food (favourite: Kirwan's, with local fish and chips and cider); and adjacent shows (a great night with Zoë Conway at Townley Hall as part of the Boyne Music Festival and making bread with Manchán Magan at "Arán & Im").

Despite a few quibbles - it devolved (more, I'm told, than last year) to a rowdy drinking party each evening, the cancellation of Music at the Gate was a big loss, and almost nowhere (despite several quality local brewers) offering local beers - it was great to see crowds enjoying the best of Drogheda after a rough couple of years for the town.

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