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So…I moved back to Switzerland in June.
November 17, 2021

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So…I moved back to Switzerland in June.

Can you tell?

Last winter was a cabin fever-enhanced whirligig of COVID doom and immigration policy.

Lucky enough to seriously consider several destinations, Switzerland - though unlikely to win any prizes for its COVID response - gradually emerged as winner after several rounds of number crunching as my wife and I weighed up access to nature, housing, infrastructure, and - not incidentally - actually-being-open.

Of course, I was delighted to leave Switzerland for the US back in 2011 - but the past several years were…disappointing.

Add to this the pandemic affording lots of time to review and challenge my perception of my previous time here, and I was happy to give it another try.

So far: pretty damn good.

COVID continues to put a damper on things but the summer was train trips, mountains, lakes - fresh air!

- along with a few short trips to neighbouring countries.

Eventually, the whole of Europe will be right there.

More importantly, we feel welcome - much more than we calculated - in Zurich itself by friends old and new.

It’s been a badly-needed new adventure: although the city hasn’t changed very much, I don’t truly feel like I’ve lived here before.

I guess everywhere is more fun with two.

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