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Proof I'll watch literally anyone talk
August 04, 2020

Proof I'll watch literally anyone talk about trains, or actually a good show?

Either way, Michael Portillo's "Great Asian Railway Journeys" has, during this time of mostly-staying-at-home, unexpectedly became a weekly treat: even without a full-time job and anywhere to go I've found it a necessary daily ritual to mark the transition into night - and this premium early evening light entertainment (usually mixed with a home-made cocktail) has been a particularly enjoyable way to do so.

Perhaps because I harbour some reservations about a show presented by an old white male former-Conservative MP I've only dipped in and out of previous series - but his enthusiasm for everything railway-related has always been infectious and in this recent series he proposes more railway-focused tours of several countries I hope to revisit myself, coupled with a clear second passion for colonial history.

The colonial pasts of the region either dovetail with the construction date of most railways in the country - as in Thailand and Vietnam - or bulk out the smallest and mostly-subway city states - as in Hong Kong and Singapore.

The former sees a wonderful little relevant humblebrag to a previous visit as former Defence Minister just prior to handover; the latter, the series finale, led me to an undiscovered little nugget in my own archives: a segment with a local street artist triggered a memory of a happy Sunday morning spent wandering the streets of Singapore's Chinatown and - sure enough in a country not known for its street art - it turned out to be the same mural, and same guy.

Same t-shirt, too.

Just a small thing but it's always fun to have a little more meaning attached to what were previously plain old holiday snaps.

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