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New York's streets remain quiet but last
April 29, 2020

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New York's streets remain quiet but last week's wind and rain having finally laid waste to an unusually long cherry blossom season is a giveaway that these pictures aren't very recent: they're from our last "big walk" before settling down to PAUSE proper in mid-March since when we've stayed in our apartment ~5 days/week, emerging only for groceries and some small items available within a few blocks.

Even by this time we were cautious; on a hot tip, we headed for Soho and around: though narrow footpaths are currently generally a no-no for purposes of social distancing, Soho's relative lack of restaurants (virtually every shopfront is shuttered) and extremely well-heeled residents (many long-since bolted) help make it a reasonable place to walk around right now.

All very nice - but we're thankful to work at useless enough jobs that we don't really need to go out right now...and are preparing to stay at home for quite a while longer.

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