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Little ties this set together other than
July 14, 2020

Little ties this set together other than each picture was taken either through a window, from a moving vehicle, or both.

A while back I posted a case with obvious glare and the observation that such "through glass" shots have sometimes come out much better than I would have expected.

Seventeen weeks into mostly-staying-at-home behind our own windows and with one mini-project during that time having been to finally rescue my photo archive from a pile of old rusting hard drives, I thought I'd dig up a few of the better examples:⠀

  • landing at New York's LaGuardia Airport⠀
  • a hotel room in Manila⠀
  • driving though a wind farm in Chile⠀
  • taking off from Taipei's Songshan Airport⠀

Perhaps one thing tying the set together - besides an obvious desperation to travel again - is that they're mostly fleeting, rushed, and somewhat-dramatic moments: situations I normally withdraw from but can, thanks to my camera, re-experience later, in my own way and even - thanks to the "joys" of post-processing - "fix up".

Or perhaps that's all photography; it's certainly a reminder to keep the camera handy and take that shot just in case.

Speaking of post-processing, I would definitely process the Taipei picture differently today: with my archive now easily accessible on a newer pile of rusting hard drives, I plan to revisit it.

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