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Last panorama for now is one where the
July 27, 2020

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Last panorama for now is one where the edges worked out.

I arrived in Santander to find an outdoor concert taking place across the street from my hotel on the grounds of the Centro Botín, a modern architectural wonder whose unconventional shape is - I think?

- nicely complemented by some unconventional frame-within-a-frame-ing.

As it was already dark this was really just intended as a reminder of the band playing that evening...that it became more-than-a-snapshot is a nice little happy accident, as was Santander generally: I've rarely turned up in such a small city without plans or agenda and been so quickly sucked into the streets, food, markets, culture, and landscape.

Probably my favourite city of the trip but true of most of the cities I visited last summer in ~north-west Spain: as mostly-staying-at-home looks set to continue, I'm sure I'll eventually get round to sharing more pictures from that week.

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