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Exploring Wuhan's Russian Concession.
March 05, 2020

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More from Wuhan and a neighbourhood I find myself in time and time again: the old Russian concession, in Hankou.

Like many concessions - Shanghai's The Bund being probably the most famous - you'll find narrow alleys, few cars, dilapidated low-rise buildings, and great food and drink: just my kind of thing, in other words, despite the extremely unsettling history of these colonialist relics.

Virtually all the concessions were established in major ports (Hong Kong and Macau, too) but a handful - chiefly in Wuhan and Harbin - can be found inland, targetting major rail hubs and/or rivers; of all concessions, only a trio belonged to Russia, lending this neighbourhood a rare feel indeed.

When in Wuhan's Russian concession, be sure to grab a peaceful noodle lunch at 随园食馆 before nestling outside Passing By Coffee (both are on or just off the pedestrianised Lihuangpi Road) and finishing with a unique lotus root beer at Rabbit Hole Craft out for their cat.

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