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Cord Road's iconic gate survives turnpike industry.
May 10, 2019

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Cord Road, Drogheda, as seen from the top of Saint Laurence's Gate, with the Boyne Viaduct in the distance.

I knew the gate dated from the 13th century and formed, along with several other such gates, part of the old town walls but I learned from the (excellent, as always) OPW tour guide why it survived: the turnpike industry, who campaigned successfully for the others' demolition, didn't think this one led anywhere interesting.

Sorry, Cord Road!

You have the last laugh, though: the gate is now an icon of the town and the last of its kind in Ireland.

Thankfully closed to traffic a couple of years ago - following years of compaigning and crashes, notably a national radio celebrity's promotional float in 2016 - the gate was open to the public as part of Drogheda Arts Festival.

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