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Getting through the Lego backlog, now
April 30, 2020

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Getting through the Lego backlog, now I'm home 99% of the time:⠀

  • The bookshop is the latest - released only in January - in the Modular series, pictured alongside (with just enough space on the shelf) an all-time favourite: the detective's office.

    Several reviewers welcomed, with the arrival of the bookshop, a retreat from the series' slightly silly Americana (corner garage, diner, etc.) of recent years and I think I agree: I can't imagine this European-style bookshop complementing those sugary, rose-tinted sets nearly as well as this Chicago/New York prohibition-era tenement building, complete with water tower.⠀

  • The turbine was a gift to a partner in the renewable energy industry: a relatively simple build, though plenty of fun with lots of unusual parts and, of course, comically tall (>1m).

    In a vanishingly rare manufacturing/distribution issue from Lego, the motor was DOA: as it seems too trivial to worry the postal system about right now so, once all this is over, getting it turning will be a nice, weird little way for the apartment to mark a return to normal.⠀

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