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Big roadworks outside our building
December 16, 2021

Big roadworks outside our building uncovering some beautiful old patterned cobblestones.

Seems like roadworks in Zurich come with several prominently-placed public notices, plus advance letters to nearby residents: we're promised a revamped cycle lane, redesigned/expanded public square, and improved footpaths.


This street has seen a lot of changes the past few years as new technology enables SBB "give back" a boatload of land in around the main station and in places it's obvious the work has been conducted in sometimes-uncoordinated fits and bursts.

So far, the footpaths have widened, making the street narrower - and the street may have that newer "unbroken footpath/segmented road sections" design further deterring driving here.

It's unclear whether the improved cycle lane will be more than just paint - this work predate the recent "Mehr velo, mehr Grün" initiative.

Fingers crossed.

These old cobblestones are definitely toast, though!

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