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Afternoon outing to...a monastery?
June 03, 2022

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Afternoon outing to...a monastery?

Home to my favourite Swiss brewery, @pilgrimbier, Fischingen Abbey dates back (in various incarnations - including, as I later learn, a chequered 20th century) to the 1100s.

The brewery is very much a newcomer, founded only in 2015 since when it has been brewing excellent strong, malty, Belgian-style beer.

Besides the shared location, I didn't see much connection between the monastery and the brewery: if you've no interest in the former, I recommend booking a brewery tour in advance to make your visit really worthwhile.

However, if you show up unannounced one afternoon, the brewery shop will still be open, you can still enjoy a bottle on their long outside table, and - if you ask very nicely - you might just get a glimpse of their cellar where the really good stuff goes.

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