Japan Synopsis

Well, I’m back from Japan a couple of weeks. I’ve started the new job, re-commenced complaining about Irish weather and life is good generally – however, I’ve still yet to blog about some of my wacky holiday adventures.

In retrospect, it was one hell of a trip and I did an awful lot…while an extra day or two at the end would have been very welcome, three weeks was actually long enough to see all the major cities and sights while still providing an excuse to return at some future date for another couple of weeks.

While I’m curious to see just how much mileage I got from my Japan Rail Pass, such stats and figures can wait for another time; for now, I’ll provide links (and placeholders) to everything I did and simply observe how the amount of blogging was inversely proportional to both the “craziness” of the city I was in at the time and amount of jet lag.

Here we go…:

Day 1, Thursday 5th:

Day 2, Friday 6th:

  • imperial palace grounds (garden closed)
  • haranjuku bridge
  • wandering around ginza
  • metro
  • national museum of modern art
  • yasukini-jinja
  • roti + anchor steam steam beer
  • roppongi hills – view only

Day 3, Saturday 7th:

  • asakusa/senso-ji
  • the garden
  • yamanote line
  • ginza at night

Day 4, Sunday 8th:

Day 5, Monday 9th:

  • skyscrapers of west shinjuku
    • metropolitan offices tour
    • shinjuku station
  • harajuku:
    • takeshita-dori
    • design festa
    • shopping
    • sushi conveyor belt bar on omatesando

Day 6, Tuesday 10th:

Day 7, Wednesday 11th:

Day 8, Thursday 12th:

  • osaka castle
  • osaka museum + tdk studios
  • osaka-hiroshima
  • UAX diner – chat with the owner

Day 9, Friday 13th:

Day 10, Saturday 14th:

Day 11, Sunday 15th:

  • fukuoka – nagasaki
  • nagasaki peace museum
  • nagasaki peace park + around
  • sky ropeway viewing point

Day 12, Monday 16th:

Day 13, Tuesday 17th:

  • gion matsuri
  • little bit around the shopping district
  • book the two tours
  • check into hotel granvia…sushi + beer

Day 14, Wednesday 18th:

Day 15, Thursday 19th:

  • shugakw-in, 11
  • gingaku-ji
  • kiyomizu dera

Day 16, Friday 20th:

  • hall of 1001 buddhas
  • kinkaku-gi
  • zen garden
  • the wrong temple

Day 17, Saturday 21st:

Day 18, Sunday 22nd:

Day 19, Monday 23rd:

Day 20, Tuesday 24th:

Day 21, Wednesday 25th:

Day 22, Thursday 26th: