Grand Hyatt, Fukuoka

Wow. Amazing.

  • I finally understand why people spend €400 on a hotel room.
  • I finally understand how a truly excellent hotel can completely transform your mood from disgruntled, frustrated , traveller.
  • I finally understand how Scarlett Johansson’s character in Lost in Translation spent most of her time in the hotel.

After two weeks of €50 a night jobs, this hotel has about 50 people on hand at all times to take your luggage to your room and answer all your crappy little questions like ringing the train station to confirm that the Nagasaki line is open and even order your taxi (“JR or Shinkansen side? Nagasaki? Oh, the JR side – this way.”) and carry your bags to the taxi.

The room was spacious, the bathroom vast and the shower divine. The 32″ plasma TV helped, the free 1Mb internet connection was glorious and the little note on the bed about the next morning’s “Gion Yamakasa” festival – along with the free paper hat, or whatever it is – as they say, priceless (however, a choice between this bedroom and getting up for a 5am canoe race is no choice at all, really, but a nice souveneir).

Downstairs was a very nice, reasonable, bar with a live piano/guitar duo at night and vast breakfast buffet in the morning and outside all that is a plaza with a canal running through and an attached shopping centre.


I never even caught a single glance of the city…and I don’t care.


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