Hiroshima Peace Park

The obvious place to start exploring Hiroshima (and, obviously, the main reason for coming here) is near the “peace park”, an area dedicated to memorials and explorations of the effects of the bomb very near to the “hypocentre” of the blast.

The relevant tram stop is Genbaki Dome-Mae: Atomic Bomb Dome. Here, the oddly suvived Industrial Promotion Hall’s dome rests as it has for the past 60 years and, after a resolution by the town council in the 1960s, will forever more. Almost directly below the blast point, the framework of the dome and much of the attached building somehow survived. It serves as a haunting introduction to what will follow…


I didn’t have a map, so just wandered around, probably missing one or two important sites in the teeming rain. Stand out sights were:

  • Monument in Memory of the Korean Victims of the Bomb
  • Children’s Peace Monument
  • Memorial Cenotaph

Pictures of some of these follow, taken before I shuffled up to the Peace Memorial Museum for a respite from the elements.